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A Bit More About Me

My Story


At the age of 28 I noticed a decline in my energy and a lack of pep in my step. I was an avid work out junkie, riding my bike and running miles every week, as well as spending time in the gym. I found myself falling asleep between college classes, unable to concentrate and studying was very difficult. I went from doctor to doctor explaining my symptoms and even telling them thyroid issues ran in my family, yet no one would run any tests. Finally, six years later, and a new doctor. The new doc ran a simple TSH blood test, and my score was 77.8. Normal range is .3 to 3.3. At last I thought I would begin to feel better. I did, to a point, but still lacked the old pep. I continued to hike with my dogs and lead an active lifestyle, yet battling fatigue. I was still on the hunt for more answers.


Another six years passed, and another new doctor emerged. This wonderful lady began running intensive blood work, Free T3, ReverseT3, Free T4, antibody tests and many more. Another diagnosis - Hashimotos Disease! Yea answers, I'd finally feel better - NOT! Another six years, and now a Holistic Doctor comes into my life - FINALLY some answers. He tells me, "You have to be gluten free." Well not only did I need to be gluten free but grain free as well. YIKES what would I eat? I LOVE FOOD! A wonderful friend gave me a fabulous cookbook, The Grain-Free Family Table, by Carrie Vitt! Bless her soul - her book saved my life!


My body's response to the diet I had been eating was severe inflammation. In fact, so much inflammation that I had had sinus surgery to drain all the fluid from my head. Sinus infections had been the norm for me. Not any more!


One year post diet change head congestion was gone and so was 4 lbs of bodily inflammation. But my quest still continued to feel better. My energy level was still lacking.

My quest for optimal health continued and after studying

with Holistic Nutritional Practitioners and training on the use of Essential Oils, as well as implementing a total Whole Food Diet, I was feeling better! But, as much as I learned from my mentors I didn't have the whole picture. I needed ALL the tools so I enrolled at the Nutrition Therapy Association (NTA.) My education still continues as I proceed in my courses to gain more knowledge as a Functional Nutritionist. Now I'm educating anyone who is ready to do the work it takes to regain their health too.


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