Many of the links and information I have on this resources page are Paleo related. Please note my diet is not strictly Paleo, however incorporating some of their recipes and ideology has been beneficial in healing my body.

 "There is no food cheating, we are not in a monogamous relationship with food!"

Informative Links

The Truth About Cancer


Nutrient Dense Lifestyle and Diet Information: Weston A. Price Foundation


Eat More Saturated Fats - 7 Reasons


The Skinny on Fats


Why Cholesterol is GOOD for you: Cholesterol and your Health


Holistic Medical Doctor: Dr. Mercola


All About Raw Dairy: Real Milk


The dangers of Soy: The Soy Story; Soy Alert

Mira Dessy:  The Ingredient Guru

Benefits of Fasting:  Dr. Mercola


The Grain-Free Family Table: by, Carrie Vitt


The Paleo Kitchen: Finding the Primal Joy in Modern Cooking:, George Bryant and Juli Bauer


Why Stomach Acid Is good For You: Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. and Lane Leonard, Ph.D.

The Big Fat Surprise: Nina Teicholz

Real Food Resources:
Products: All clean non-toxic

3rd Rock Essentials: Clean Organic Sunscreen

Primal Life Organics:

Body care


Natural Tooth powder



KAATSU - Blood Flow Restriction Training.

•  I began using BFR, on Dr. Mercola's recommendation, and within 1 week of using, my entire body was noticeably stronger, AND my oxytocin (feel good hormone) was noticeably elevated - this is a good thing!

•  Endothelial Cells release Nitric Oxide that help blood vessels improve and restore their elasticity - KAATSU is particularly beneficial for those over the age of 55.

•  KAATSU promotes Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in large amounts activating the body's metabolism and so much more.

Dr. Mercola has a great article on BFR - click here to read.

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